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The Romsey Show

The Romsey Show

Romsey ,UK
Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening
Organizer :
The Romsey Agricultural and Horse Show Society
Event website
Event website :
The Romsey Show
1 year


Agricultural shows are the heart and soul of rural England and in Hampshire, England one of the most interesting is The Romsey Show. Currently this trade show ranks as the biggest one-day show of its kind in England and it’s also one of the oldest agricultural shows in the country’s history. Its roots go back to 1835, when two show prize markets took place in the central market place in the town of Romsey.

It has since then morphed into a massive trade show for agriculture and forestry that boosts local economy. The spectrum of products available to visitors is wide - dairy products, agricultural products, equipment, machinery, feeds supplements, livestock products, horticulture products and the list continues. It’s also important to highlight the amount of animal competitions that take place and highlight the work of local farmers and breeders. The categories are many from cattle and sheep to horses and donkeys.


The Romsey Show, as mentioned, is a one-day show scheduled held on a Saturday usually in the first half of September. The trade show is organised by the Romsey Agricultural & Horse Show Society and has grown so large that now it occupies the green hills and pastures of the Broadlands Park outside the town of Romsey. The gates open at 08:00 am in the morning and the programming comes to an end at 18:00 pm in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome from farmers and breeders to families with children.

The annual event is conveniently close to the Romsey Train Station so you won’t have to walk far from the station to reach the grounds. The most convenient way to get to the show grounds is by driving as there are a lot of designated parking space made available for visitors and exhibitors alike.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • Exhibitors at The Romsey Show consider the event to be a busy day of direct sales as the crowds that visit are in the mood to make purchases. Another very important function is the opportunity to establish personal connections with the local community and boost your own visibility locally;
  • The Romsey Show makes it effortless to attract your target audience, because the space is divided into several thematic areas, which makes the navigation of the show grounds all the easier. A few examples of this include the Countryside Area, the Horticulture Marquee, the Food Zone and the Shopping & Craft marquees;
  • The Romsey Show offers no restriction to animal breeders and every type of animal has a place on the show grounds. There are over 1000 exhibitors and you have your standards – sheep, horses, donkeys and cattle – but also caged birds, rabbits, cavies and water buffalo.

Audience & Statistics

The Romsey Show has a significant impact on the local economy not just in Romsey itself, but for the neighboring farms and towns in Hampshire. Each edition sees roughly 400 stands for local manufacturers and producers, who come from every imaginable industry. There are exhibitors in clothing, taxidermy, weaving, falconry, clothing, animal breeding, rural crafts, garden furniture, food producers and even tractors.

The Hampshire Fare Skills Kitchen also attracts chefs who spend their time showcasing techniques and skills in every area of food preparation whether it’s seafood prep, patisserie or butchery. As always there’s the audience turnout is very high. On average, The Romsey Show attracts anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 visitors and there’s no single profile. All ages, backgrounds and family situations are present – the unifying characteristic is that they want to have a good time.


The Romsey Show might be single-day show, but that doesn’t mean that exhibitors don’t need an extra day or two to set up their booths and then dismantle them. You need to book affordable hotel rooms for The Romsey Show and Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to make that happen. We have the experience working with smaller towns and we accommodate any price range as well.

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How to get to The Romsey Show
On foot
On foot:

Southampton Airport – not advisable

Romsey Railway Station – via Station Rd/B3398, 11 mins

By car
By car:

Southampton Airport – via M27, 16 mins

Romsey Railway Station – via Alma Rd/A3057 and B3398, 3 mins

By public transport
By public transport:

Southampton Airport – via South Western Railway, 29 mins

Romsey Railway Station – not available

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