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Bolzano, Italy
Food & Beverage, Wines
Fiera Bolzano Spa
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Event website:
1 year

BIOLIFE - Update

BIOLIFE's 2023 edition will be hosted as a live event between 09.11.2023 and 12.11.2023 at Fiera Bolzano. The hosting venue will not feature the latest COVID-19 preventative measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions. These include the domestic limitations on event venue as well as the travel policies limiting travelling to Italy.

Introduction of BIOLIFE

The premier event Biolife has been gathering experts in catering, herbs, organic food, and many other products. In addition, since there are many international visitors, you can be sure that attending this exhibition means that you will have the chance to discuss the latest trends with representatives of foreign markets. Keep in mind that, at this exhibition, you will also create many valuable acquaintances with experts in organic products.

The product spectrum will include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbs
  • Clothing
  • Agricultural products
  • Services

Whether you wish to meet wine exporters or professionals in the field of organic biological products, visiting the Italian town of Bolzano is a must for you! Since there is a big interest in the products and the services of this international trade fair, you will need the help of our reservations agents for your travel arrangements. With the professionalism of our team and the excellent tailor-made offers we can create for you, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Instead of hesitating any longer, book a hotel today, and benefit from the special discounts we give. At Trade Fair Trips Ltd, we will do everything possible to please you!

Past Editions of BIOLIFE

Edition 2021

BIOLIFE's 2021  edition was held as a live trade fair with strict Covid-19 prevention measures in place between 04.11.2021 and 07.11.2021. The rendition took place at Fiera Bolzano in Italy with the safety precautions including the 3G entry policy. Participants had to show before entry documents such as immunisation passports. This applied to the exhibits as well as the 10,000 trade visitors that attended the event to examine 2,500 organic products.

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How to get to BIOLIFE
On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Airport

50 minutes when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Station

By car
By car:

20 minutes when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Airport

10 minutes when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Station

By public transport
By public transport:

Not advisable when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Airport

30 minutes when travelling from Bolzano/Bozen Station

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