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Shrewsbury Food Festival

Shrewsbury Food Festival

Shrewsbury, UK
Food & Beverage, Wines
Shrewsbury Food Festival
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Event website:
Shrewsbury Food Festival
1 year

Covid-19 Venue and Event Update

The 2023 edition of the Shrewsbury Food Festival will take place at the Shrewsbury Quarry park between 24.06.2023 and 25.06.2023. The format of the event will be face-to-face. The venue will not implement strict Covid-19 prevention measures due to the improving pandemic situation and subsequently removed domestic restrictions. Attendees should note that at present, the UK does not have travel limitations in place. 


Shrewsbury Food Festival is considered a rising star in the festival circuit and has quickly become the favourite festival in the Midlands. It’s a fairly recent event as the very first edition of the Shrewsbury Food Festival was held back in 2014, but has been a runaway hit since the beginning. Shrewsbury made for a natural choice to host the festival because the town has always been a hot spot for food aficionados to come. The town boasts top-notch producers, restaurants and independent retailers. The goal of the festival is to naturally highlight the quality of the food scene and bring in economic support.


Like most other food festivals, Shrewsbury Food Festival is a summer event. It takes place usually at the end of June every year and lasts a total of two days – usually the last weekend of the month. The founders of the event are Beth Heath and Andy Richardson, both of whom have strong ties to the festival circuit, and the organisation is done through Heath’s Shropshire Festivals.

The opening hours are from 10:00 am until 18:30 pm on the first day, and until 17:00 pm on the second day. The location is Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park, which offers visitors 29 acres of parkland. Gates are open to anyone interested, and there are family ticket options as well. In terms of logistics, the festival is accessible by bike and car, though there is only limited parking availability. The train station is located 10 minutes away, and so is the central bus station.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • One of the defining features of the Shrewsbury Food Festival is its interactivity with the visitors as a whole. It’s not just a place for people to come and just buy whatever they need, but the atmosphere is inviting with live music, cooking demonstrations and culinary classes open to all visitors;
  • Shrewsbury Food Festival has strong ties to its community, which is seen through its many initiatives such as the partnership with Zero Waste to reduce the environmental impact of the festival. The goal is to responsibly handle waste and significantly cut down on the waste that cannot be recycled;
  • You are in the perfect position to build a strong reputation because the Shrewsbury Food Festival has been consistently ranked as the ‘Best Food Festival in the Midlands’ by readers at the What’s On Readers’ Awards. The strength of this reception ensures that the festival is only set to expand, and is worth creating close ties with the organisers.

Audience & Statistics

Shrewsbury Food Festival is an essential part of summer life in Shrewsbury and this is supported by the numbers as well. Last year, organisers saw a footfall of over 30,000 visitors from the town and the surrounding area. Exhibitors, in turn, numbered around 200, so it’s a very busy time for everyone involved. Both the exhibitors and the audience are mostly local, without much diversity in the makeup of both. Exhibitors are involved at all levels of the food and drinks industry. You have bars, restaurants, breweries, food retailers, cafés, catering companies, bakeries and artisanal foods spots. Shrewsbury Food Festival is made by the people for the people, and this also shows in the nature of sponsors. It’s all local companies like Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury, FBC Manby Bowdler LLP, Adcote School and TCA Accountants.


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Previous Rendition

Edition 2021

Several additional locations were included in the 2021 edition. The Monk's Home and Garden section was among them. Gifts, flowers, housewares, hot tubs, and furniture were available in the zone. It was the ideal area to begin Christmas shopping. The Field to Fork Area was another new addition, where visitors could explore the food and agriculture industries. Among the presentations were robots, a pizza adventure, and several other activities. Another new feature was the Rea Valley Tractors, where experts demonstrated tractor types and discussed lesser-known agricultural careers. Children could also visit the NFU's exploration barn and drive tractors or race through a bale labyrinth.

Edition 2022

Between the 25th and 26th of June 2022, the 2022 rendition of the Shrewsbury Food Festival took place. The event was hosted as a live trade show at the Quarry Park, which did not feature Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the removal of the domestic restrictions. The edition was attended by more than 180 exhibiting companies.

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