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Vienna ,Austria
Food & Beverage, Wines
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M.A.C. Hoffmann & Co. GmbH
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Event website :
2 years

VIEVINUM enjoys prestige and reputation as the finest international trade fair for wine and viniculture in Austria, which has been known as a historic wine growing region for ages. This year Vienna welcomes respected winegrowers and professionals from all over the world between June 6th and June 8th. If you’re active in the wine business and look for recognition at a higher level, call Trade Fair Trips ltd to get you the best prices for hotels in the city. It’s easy to plan a business trip, when a professional does it. 

It’s flexibility and efficiency that distinguish Trade Fair Trips ltd and you’ll experience this firsthand with our hotel offers for VIEVINUM. Just tell us what your ideal price range is and how many people are in your party. Our team goes through our extensive database to get you custom deals that fit like a glove. You need to feel your best to make the best out of the VIEVINUM program. Events to keep in mind include the WACHAU RIESLING VINTAGE event where you’ll learn more about the finest Riesling wines and taste these excellent vintages, and the CHARACTER WINES where you’ll become acquainted with wineries from Burgenland and Schatzkammersaal.

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